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                重量轻,一般10-96kg/m3,20kg/m3以下为毡,24-48kg/m3为中硬板,48-96kg/m3为硬板,其中48kg/m3可做天花板,软化点为500°C左右,保温300°C,美国用量】较大,k=0.9。   硅酸钙绝热制品国内 狂風雕喃喃自語道70年代研制成〓功,具有︾抗压强度高,导热系求金牌数小,施工方便,可反◤复使用的特点,在电力系统应用较为█广泛。   国内大部分普遍为小作坊式生产,之后相继从美国引进融合起來四条生产线,工艺技ㄨ术先进,速溶速←甩成纤、干法针〇刺毡,质量稳定,可耐温800-1250°C。   特点:酸度导数2.0以上,耐高温,一般→化工管道1000°C多,必须用这种材料。溶温在2000°C左右。   泡沫塑料是以√合成树脂为基础制成的,内部具有无数小孔的塑料制品,它具有导热系数低,加工成◥型等优点,在建筑上刚开始使用。主 嗡要用于包装行业(如冰箱)、地下直埋管道保温、冷库保冷。   主要产品为聚苯乙烯泡沫塑料和聚㊣氨酯泡沫塑料,但建筑领域应用存在问题。近年来用于钢丝网夹芯板材,彩色钢板复合夹心板材,虽然有一定限制,但发展较◣快,随着建筑防火对材料要求越来越☆严格,对该材料应用提ζ出了新课题。

                Light weight, general 1096kg / m3, 20kg / m3 following felt, 2448kg / m3 for hard, 4896kg / m3 board, wherein 48kg / m3 do the ceiling, softening point of 500 DEG around C, insulation 300 degrees C, the United States of America dosage is bigger, k = 0.9. Calcium silicate insulation products for domestic 70 years successfully developed, has a high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity, convenient construction, can be repeated use, is widely used in electric power system. Most of the domestic universal small workshop-style production, after the United States in succession from the introduction of four production lines, advanced technology, instant speed swing into the fiber, dry needling felt, stable quality, high temperature 8001250 degree C. Characteristics: acid derivative of more than 2, high temperature resistant, general chemical pipeline 1000 DEG C, must use the material. Solution temperature in 2000 degrees around C. Foam is made with synthetic resin based, with countless holes of the plastic products, it has a low thermal conductivity, forming and other advantages, in the construction started using. Mainly used for packaging industry ( such as the refrigerator), buried pipeline insulation, cold preservation of cold storage. The main products for the polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam plastics, but the application problems. In recent years for the steel wire mesh sandwich panel, color steel sandwich composite plate, although there are some limitations, but development is rapidder, along with the building fireproof material increasingly stringent requirements on the material application, offerred new task.